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Company Profile

DSQ was founded in the year of 1988, by the founder Mr. Johnny Tseng---CEO.

Concerning high demand for stamping parts, plastic parts, assemblies, terminal and connector, the founder made use of his own knowledge in engineering and devote himself to manufacturing process improving. At first, he innovated a stamping die design with the material strips relaying in opposite positions to save raw material. This creative method helps us to wide-range applicable products and reduce the cost by a high percentage.

With this pioneering contribution to high volume terminal stamping, we established a reputation and earned admiration among customers. The initial business foundation was gradually built, and we shared success with our customers by efficient manufacture.   Ever since DSQ was founded, we have been persisting in innovating outstanding technique and accomplishing excellent quality. By providing reliable and professional services, we have become a priority choice for manufacturing and solutions of precision stamping parts.
We are determined to run an honorable enterprise and become others’ role model.